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Oxnard Beaches And CI Harbor

When people think about a Southern California Coastal Lifestyle, the conversations will often begin with Malibu and West Los Angeles and end with Orange County or San Diego. And though these are all excellent options, those of us who live and play along the Ventura County coast know we have something special going on right here. 
With direct access to all that is Los Angeles to the south, we appreciate the quieter, less congested, and exceptional beauty that defines our home. And if there is a true definition of a hidden gem that lies along the coast of Southern California, it could be the Oxnard Beach communities and their hub, Channel Islands Harbor.  

If it is access to a complete coastal lifestyle that you are looking for, you can find it right here. Watersports of all types, including commercial access to the world-renowned Channel Islands National Park, are available from any of the many vendors situated along the harbor front. Maybe it’s just the sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean or a walk or a bicycle ride between them. It may be you are looking for a place to slip your boat, whether it be a commercial marina, boatyard, or even a private dock right outside your door. 

Regardless of the type of home you are looking for, visitors consistently tell us how pleasantly surprised they are to see beach area home prices here in Oxnard.  

And just like we have access to everything to the south, often overlooked is the accessibility of the central coast to the north without having to traverse Los Angeles traffic. So, if you are looking for a coastal lifestyle, the Channel Islands Harbor area and Oxnard could be the place.

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