Sellers – Why Rebecca? – Rebecca Rehberg, Your Partner in Ventura County Real Estate

Sellers – Why Rebecca?

Because We're Awesome!

If you have started to consider selling your home, or have already made the decision to do so, please let Rebecca be your first call! There are many options available to you, including online and discount brokers, and while this may be a good route for some sellers it is not necessarily the most advantageous decision

Of utmost importance is the relationship you have with your partner in selling your home. This is a very complex process that requires great care and effort and you need to be certain that your best interests are always placed first. As your partner in Real Estate, you can trust Rebecca to help you navigate through the entire process, ensuring you as smooth a transaction as possible. Unlike an online service or a discount broker, she take a deeply personal interest in you as shell as the prospective buyers for your home, and she never forgets that your best interest is our best interest.

Just a few reasons that partnering with Rebecca is a great decision –

She understands today’s current Market Conditions, so she is able to help you evaluate your home in terms of pricing and expectations. Pricing your home correctly has so many factors and while you are the decision-maker, she are the experts in getting your home sold. Preparing your home for sale is also critical and she can help you make the best decisions on how to do that from minor repairs and cleaning to larger projects. She is the expert in what is needed to bring you the most value.

Marketing, Contracts, and Negotiations all require huge investments in time and skill – which she has more of than you do! While your home is for sale you are probably getting ready for your next move, raising your family, caring for aging parents, or simply working out your next steps – much easier for you to do when you can trust Rebecca to take care of the business end. It is a complex process that needs care and attention every step of the way.

COVID protocols, protections, and marketing methods that are effective within these guidelines are critical. she will keep you & your family, your home and prospective buyers safe while marketing effectively.

Selling your home is always the beginning of a new life experience and she appreciates you considering Rebecca to be your partner during this exciting process. And don't forget - she's pretty awesome too!